Event Report

This report is to be completed by the MedVent in Charge (MIC) at the end of each event.
If it is a multi-day event, a report must be submitted daily.
If it is a weekend camp, a single report upon camp completion is sufficient.

    Event Report Form
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    S.P.I.C.E.S. Review

    Your social development is about your interaction with others and your community.
    • Appreciate your relationships with others.
    • Express yourself honestly and effectively.
    • Respect different points of view.
    • Be aware of your community and contribute what you can.

    • How did your Team communicate during this event?
    • How did the members of your Team help each other?
    • What did you learn about how you worked as a team?

    Your physical development is about being respectful of your own body.
    • Know your own physical limits.
    • Be aware of your own health and address concerns as they arise.

    • How were you physically challenged on this event?
    • How did you stay physically safe at this event?
    • How did you use your body at this event?

    Your intellectual development is about learning new things and applying your skills and knowledge.
    • Be open to new ideas.
    • Think critically to identify and evaluate problems, and work toward solutions.
    • Learn from your mistakes and your successes.
    • Work methodically; plan, do, and review activities and experiences.

    • What do you know now that you did not know before?
    • How did you figure out a problem you encountered at this event?
    • What did you create to help you at this event?

    Character is about becoming a well-rounded person.
    • Live the Scout Promise and Law.
    • Be true to your own values and beliefs.
    • Be respectful and fair when others have different beliefs and opinions from your own.
    • Value people and other living things over material gain.
    • Think before you act.
    • Value yourself and follow your dreams

    • What rules did you follow on this adventure?
    • How did you show respect to others at this event?
    • How did you deal with difficulties at this event?

    Your emotional development is about being able to know and express your feelings, and understand and respect the feelings of others.
    • Be honest with yourself about your own feelings and how they can affect your life.
    • Offer help when it’s needed, and ask for help when you need support yourself.
    • Be responsible for your emotions and how they impact others.

    • How did you feel before, during and after this event?
    • What surprised you, frustrated you, delighted you or inspired you?
    • How did you share your feelings with others at this event?

    Your spiritual development is about exploring your personal beliefs and being true to your personal values.
    • Reflect on the mysteries and miracles of life.
    • Reflect on how your own experiences shape your beliefs.
    • Explore and develop your faith according to its traditions.

    • What did you do that made a difference to you, to your family, to your community or to the world?
    • What did you discover that you believe about yourself? About others? About animals? About the world?
    • Did you need to show respect to someone about what they believed? What was it?