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Large or small events; outside, inside, family or general public…
​We have you covered with our flexible services!

We are able to provide fixed first aid posts and mobile responders on foot or bike.

Fixed Post

Depending on the size of your event, we can staff one or more static posts with trained first responders.

Roaming Teams

If your event has people on the move, we can move too! Our roving teams can patrol your event on foot or on bike, and can respond to any reported incidents.

Patient Care

Our members are trained in Standard First Aid, First Responder, and Emergency Medical Responder. No matter the needs of your event, we have the expertise to respond to any medical emergency!

Our training allows us to provide you with dynamic services, to meet your changing needs. Whether it be an outdoor charity marathon, a publicly-open concert venue, or a sports competition; our responders are professional and dedicated.

Working in teams, we patrol and station at your event to help provide medical assistance to anyone who needs it. If an emergency arises where paramedics are required, we can ensure that emergency services get to your event quickly and efficiently.

Not only will you be giving trained youth an opportunity to provide medical services to your patrons, but you will also be ensuring the safety and well-being of all your event participants from the uncertainty of a medical emergency!


Medical Event Coverage Request:

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    The MedVent group will offer service to the Standard First Aid level. This covers the basics for a typical event. As required, the MedVent unit can also offer service to the First Responder or even Emergency Medical Responder level, and always has members on‐site certified to that level or higher. This level of service can include oxygen administration and other more advanced levels of care. When a request is made for MedVent participation, information will be requested pertaining to the event, and an assessment will be made as to the suggested level of coverage. MedVents will never “rescue” or “transport” patients. Any event requiring these services will need to engage professional organizations specializing in this.

    The MedVent group will bring all required first aid equipment and supplies. Depending on the nature of the event, the unit may request the organizer arrange access to an indoor room if possible (eg. For outdoor winter events, we may need a heated area), and signage as required to ensure the participants can find the first aid post. The organizer will also need to provide a mechanism to communicate with event leaders (radio, phone numbers) in case the unit needs to contact the event leaders. The group usually brings its own equipment for communications within the first aid team.